Patient Centered Solutions offers services that are centered towards the needs of the patients. Our main focus is related to rare diseases and the many developments in this specific area of health.

Patient Centered Solutions provides consultation on the development of patient programmes and services like: information materials for patients, readability and comprehensibility of websites.

Patient Centered Solutions also provides insight towards companies and associations in understanding the patients’ perspective as well as patients’ needs and how to address these needs.

Patient Centered Solutions provides consultation on how to work together with patient organisations and how to improve patient empowerment.

Patient Centered Solutions has the skills and expertise to build, extend and maintain (international) patient group networks.

Patient Centered Solutions provides consultation to improve patient care. Giving lectures, presentations at conferences, seminars and (corporate) meetings.

We also contribute to workshops and seminars on several topics such as: Biotechnology, Animal Testing, Genetics, Quality of Life topics, Importance and impact of patient leaders, Impact of good collaboration between patients, science and industry, Living with a disease and/or disability and the ethical and social issues that are related to these topics.