History on Patient Centered Solutions
Maryze Schoneveld van der Linde was born with a hereditary progressive neuromuscular disorder. Her future didn’t look bright as a result of this. Coping with the disease over the years taught Maryze a lot of things. She learned to make the most of her situation and live her life to the fullest.

It’s by luck that Maryze lives in an era of high-technology and increasing scientific insight. A treatment for Pompe disease was developed. This gave Maryze a chance to improve her life and look towards a better future. Something she never thought she’d have. The improvement in her physical condition helped her realize her dream of starting Patient Centered Solutions.

Patient Centered Solutions was put up to help companies, (patient) organizations, institutions and authorities look at their business from a patient’s perspective. Allowing them to view their business from their client’s eyes. Patient Centered Solutions does this through Maryze’s vast experience over the years. This gives them a chance to benefit from Maryze’s experienced based expertise, insights and knowledge.

Patient Centered Solutions is a consultancy in health and care that provides clients with expertise, knowledge and practical insights from the perspective of patients regarding issues related to health and care.